I have done many, many websites since the 1990s and watched technology morph through hand coding, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, WordPress and many themes and plugins. The sites below are a trip down memory lane of software and styles.

Pioneer Museum, Fredericksburg, TX
Cowboy Steak House, Kerrville, TX
Carousel Cab Carriage Company, Willow City, TX
Brookville Roadster, Brookville, OH
Partners In Ministry, Kerrville, TX
First Presbyterian Church, Kerrville, TX
Rockbox Theater, Fredericksburg, TX
Hill Country Wedding Connections, Fredericksburg, TX
Texas Community Education Association, Austin, TX
Northwest Texas International Trade Center, Lubbock, TX
Sonterra Stone, San Antonio, TX
Indian Heart Real Estate, Comfort, TX
White Construction Company, Kerrville. TX
Calvin Grobe Construction, Fredericksburg, TX
Roswell Infiniti, Roswell, GA
Joyful Cooking, Kerrville, TX
The Polka Dot Barn, Center Point, TX
Bank of the Hills, Kerrville, TX
Jeanne Heise Artist, Kerrville. TX
River Road B and B, Hunt, TX